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How to Order

You can either order securely online as described below or contact us:

By selecting an artist either from the pull down menu above or selecting the 'Artists & Paintings' section you can view the exciting selection of paintings we have for sale.

Ronnie Tjampitjinpa

You can click on a painting to enlarge the view & some paintings also contain descriptions, when you have finished viewing click 'Close Window'.

To purchase, click the 'Purchase' button next to the painting you would like to buy. You will then be transferred to our 'secure' area where you can fill out your details and select to purchase by credit card or direct debit. (Note: If you choose direct debit you must contact Gundooee by phone to arrange account details).

Once your order is placed and payment is accepted you will receive a reply from Gundooee verifying your sale. This may take up to 24 hours. Expected delivery times depend on your location and range from 4-5 days for Australian orders to around 14 days for International orders.

There is no charge for freight regardless of your location.

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